The Iron One Stands Forever...

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Hadidi photo by Jerry Sparagowski.

In the year of 1990, at a bastion of Arabian Horse breeding, cultural understanding, and good will, a special colt was born. He was to become a horse of many nations.

From the time he was a youngster, the jubilant Hadidi, meaning “The One of Steel,” has shown us the qualities that the ideal Straight Egyptian stallion would possess. His birth was one of the last to be seen during the final years of Gleannloch Farm, but no one realized just how far he would take their legacy...

Gleannloch photo by Richard T. Bryant. Hadidi photo by Stuart Vesty.

Exported to Italy, he garnered prestigious titles in all corners of Europe.

Under the ownership of couple Franco Grotteria and Ida Arsenault, Hadidi became Italian National Champion by the age of four. He rapidly gained worldwide fame and became a significant sire in Europe. He has fathered champions and producers of champions, and his name can be seen in the pedigrees of some of today's most revered individuals.

Hadidi photo by Erwin Escher.

The City of Lights illuminated his magnificence for the world to see.

At seven years old, Hadidi campaigned in North America where he became the U.S. Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion, only to return to Europe to the Salon Du Cheval in Paris, where he was crowned World Champion Stallion. He did everything but lose momentum...

Hadidi photo by Erwin Escher.

A collector of elusive honors, the unstoppable Hadidi amassed his final crowns.

At age eleven, Hadidi took the highest honors in Aachen as All Nations Cup Supreme Champion Stallion. His incredible feats inspired and enlivened us as he carried Gleannloch's legacy with poise and pride. A perfect ending would have it that he would eventually return home...

Hadidi photo by Randi Clark.

At last, the look of eagles returned to the land of the free—for good.

In 2010, American breeders Joseph and Gail Mailloux purchased Hadidi and brought him back to his homeland with the intention of reintroducing the stretch, scope, and presence that Straight Egyptians from the Gleannloch era were known for. Hadidi has exceeded all expectations, one foal after another.

Hadidi photo by Jerry Sparagowski.

“It is a heartwarming story...”

“The unforgettable two-year-old colt that leaves his birthplace, leaving behind closing doors, for foreign shores looking for open doors. With his charisma, charm, and steely determination, he becomes a celebrity, first in Europe and then internationally, and finally returns to his original homeland, a symbol of the glory days of the Gleannloch legacy, a seasoned veteran, an ambassador for the noble Arabian horse...”

Joe Ferriss

Hadidi photo by Gary Kenworthy.

And so, the story comes to its end...

Everywhere his footsteps fell, a hero’s welcome was waiting for him. Hadidi, the final torchbearer of Gleannloch’s legacy, wrote his name in history’s book as one of the most accomplished and decorated Straight Egyptian Arabian stallions of all time. Even so, it is said that a hero’s strength is measured by his heart, and as such, Hadidi’s strength was simply beyond measure.

You have gone the distance, Hadidi, and a thousand years would be worth the wait to behold you once more. Until we meet again, we celebrate your legacy and the dreams you have inspired in us.

Norus x Hebet Allah
February 22, 1990 - July 24, 2017

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